Sea Green Natural

Green Cleaning in the Home

Our business, Sea Green Natural Cleaning is located in North Carolina is an eco-friendly cleaning company.  I have always been passionate about using safe natural cleaning products and finding useful ways of creating a sustainable environment. My parents owed a small business in Connecticut where they rented cottages seasonally and year round. Opening season was Memorial Day Weekend. When I turned fourteen, my parents gave me the responsibility of managing the business. Some of my duties included:
Cleaning the units after each use to get it ready for the next group of individuals looking forward to staying near the beach.
Checking in guests and making sure they had all the amenities they needed to ensure a restful stay. The business was very successful having been booked months in advance, each year. I like to think one of the reasons we were so successful has something to do with the way I managed the business, making sure that each unit was spotless after each guest left as well as after the summer season was over. That’s where my passion for cleaning and managing began. In 1983, when my parents sold the business it was a difficult time. I lost my identity. My identity was tied up in that cleaning business. That’s why it wasn’t long before I went back to what I knew so well. Back to cleaning Throughout the remainder of high school and even during college I worked at two bed and breakfasts.
In 1986 I started my cleaning business. I put one ad in the newspaper; and within one day I had received over twenty calls. That is when I became the cleaning machine, going at mach speed. I only know one way to go: Mach Speed.
Nothing slows me down. During that time I also was an owner of another business that I was getting off the ground. A small boatyard/marina. See? Mach Speed. As a mother of two wonderful children and one four legged child, Shadow, our Golden Retriever as well as a loyal friend, my mission is to work together to save the planet, to help make a difference. I am doing my part by offering my own natural cleaning products, that are in recycled bottles. Products that don’t just smell nice but actually work.